EOFPANJ is proud to support the initiatives of our students and alumni.

The Alliance of Educational Opportunity Fund Students (AESNJ), our statewide student organization, supports campus organizations in creating advocacy campaigns, leadership opportunities/events for students, and community development. We encourage campuses and students to become involved!

The Educational Opportunity Fund Statewide Alumni Association (EOFSAA), our statewide alumni association, supports the needs of EOF graduates. They hold community service events, provide fun networking opportunities, and continue to develop EOF leaders! Campus EOF programs can start an Alumni chapter with EOFSAA to build their alumni network. We encourage all EOF Alumni to attend EOFSAA events to reconnect with EOF friends from college and develop new friendships with Alumni from other EOF programs.

Statewide AESNJ Mission

The Alliance of Educational Opportunity Fund Students of New Jersey (AESNJ) leadership is a community of New Jersey college students enrolled in the Commission of Higher Education's campus based Educational Opportunity Fund Programs. The mission of A.E.S.N.J. is the development of strategies and programs which strengthen the social, political, economic, intellectual, and spiritual welfare of EOF students operating under the guidance and direction of the Educational Opportunity Fund Professional Association of New Jersey (EOFPANJ). EOFPANJ is a non-profit corporation comprised of professional staff--including directors, administrators, educators, and counselors from some 56 undergraduate college and university programs throughout the state.


  • Provide leadership training opportunities for EOF students and others, which enhance self-empowerment, and the ability to relate to and work with other
  • Exercise social responsibility through community service and public education initiatives
  • Actively network with youth leadership organizations which may be college, high school, or community agency based in promoting community development initiatives
  • Strengthen the ability of Educational Opportunity Fund Programs and their host institutions in gaining the necessary resources for improving their effectiveness in meeting the needs of EOF students

AESNJ Constitution & Chapter Tool Kit

Educational Opportunity Fund Statewide Alumni Association

EOFSAA Mission

In continuing the legacy of the Educational Opportunity Fund (E.O.F.), the E.O.F. Statewide Alumni Association serves our diverse alumni by creating a shared network of resources and relationships that achieve professional and personal success.


To be known as a vibrant alumni association that members leverage to increase positive impact as advocates of social change in their respective communities.


As we do every year, EOFSAA would like to sell our shirts to your programs in preparation for graduation. If you are interested in ordering for your programs, I have attached the order form to this email. It shows you what the shirt looks like. Also, please keep in mind that there may be a 3-week turnaround time to get them to your institutions.

If you are interested in getting shirts for your graduating students, please send this form directly to me, or to [email protected].

2019 EOFSAA t-shirts

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